John Thomas


August 12, 2007

I don't mind the repetition of the same book over and over again, but this kids' video from You Tube is really getting to me:

I introduced it to John Thomas a week or two ago, and shortly after he started asking for it by name, "Elephant!", and then to watch it over, and over, and over again. It takes at least 15-20 minutes before he tires of the song/video. I tried showing him other videos, but a minute or so in to them he would request "Elephant" again. Eventually I got him to watch "Crazy Over Vegetables" by the same artist, but then it was "Vegetables" over and over again.

John Thomas has been working on names for the past week or so. He pointed to our neighbour across the street and said "Dad", and I told him that it wasn't Dad, it was Jacques. So he waved and said "Hi Jacques!". He's picking up the names of all his friends, including neighbours of the sitter's.

He's still a good eater. The few foods he doesn't seem to enjoy are salami and Dim Sum dishes. He had his first chance to lick the beaters for icing yesterday, as Mom decided to nap while he napped, instead of getting the icing done for the brownies, so they worked on it together. He enjoyed it quite a bit, and we both had to take a shower afterwards to get the chocolate off of us.

The day before he helped prepare French Toast by shaking cinnamon into the egg mix. He was quite proud. When he sat at his chair to eat the French Toast he practiced what he had just observed and would flip his toast while saying "Flip!" I'm sure he's aiming towards being able to cook a whole meal by himself (and probably for himself) by age 5.