John Thomas

Birthday Party

April 23, 2007

Megan (birthday girl's sister), John Thomas, and birthday girl Darcy at the party
John Thomas got to attend his first official birthday party on Saturday! He even got a loot bag! The birthday girl was turning three and was a big fan of the pink dress we got her.
John Thomas and Avery at the table with Mommy looking on
John Thomas made his Mommy giggle when he took chips off of Avery's plate when he didn't have any on his. Avery's younger sister isn't so bold yet, but Avery handled the situation like a pro. She went and got a variety of chips and put them on John Thomas' plate so he could eat his own. Daddy must have done well on the barbecue as John Thomas ate half of a hamburger patty (he dropped the other half), an entire hot dog (sans bun), and then some of Avery's leftover hot dog. It is quite apparent that John Thomas is very comfortable with Avery and is happy to eat anything off of her plate that he can get his hands on.
Aunt Madelaine, Mommy and John Thomas at the party

The week has been beautiful and we got to spend lots of time outside.

I don't think we have adequately explained before John Thomas' love of raisins. It is a no fail snack for him. Happy as a bug to get these anytime.