John Thomas

Even More Words

April 11, 2007

Taking a break from studying the Scrabble Dictionary to practice his arabesque
Yesterday afternoon we took a little drive around, and John Thomas had his sippy cup full of juice with him. We all had fun repeating the word juice many times. His version often sounded like "joo" or "deuce", but it was obvious as to what he was referring to. He has also started pronouncing "Bye" much more clearly now. It used to sound like "Bah-bah", and now is without a doubt a clear "Bye". I think this pronounciation improvement comes from him now saying "Hi" as well.

John Thomas had a pretty good Easter. Mom and Dad were off for four days, and we all went swimming for 3 of them. We had an Easter dinner at Nanna Fran's with Mom's side of the family. There was an Easter Egg Hunt, but he didn't really get the gist of it. He did enjoy having raisins hidden inside his plastic egg though.

He got his first taste of deer, in a bacon-wrapped appetizer Mike made. He kept on coming back to Mom for more. This boy is definitely a meat-lover. So far, the only meat he's been offered that he hasn't liked has been salami.

He tried out his Aunt Mady's old trike, but it's still a little too big for him. Perhaps towards the end of the summer he will be long enough to reach the pedals.