John Thomas

More Teeth and More Words

April 10, 2007

When I posted this picture a couple of days ago I hadn't yet noticed an important detail.

The boy has two more bottom teeth! I had been paying such close attention to the top teeth (as we've seen the white of the fourth top one coming in on the right for about a month now) that I hadn't been looking elsewhere. Then all of a sudden, I get a big smile showing me a tooth on the bottom on the left. Later in the day, I noticed a smaller one on the bottom on the right! Wild. It blew me away. He's up to a total of 7 teeth now, with an eighth in view.

After I posted John Thomas' word list he kept on saying more that I had forgotten. I had to add Hat to the list later in the day. But this weekend he also started using the word "cut". He started by picking up the plastic knife that is part of his toy dish set and sawing at the carpet while saying "Cut, cut, cut." This morning he got deep into a kitchen drawer, pulled out the scissors, pointed them outwards and said "Cut, cut, cut". I hadn't thought that we had been using the word much around him, so I asked the sitter. And she supposed that she has used it pretty often when preparing lunch, saying she just needed to cut something and it would be ready. He really is picking stuff up all the time now.