John Thomas

A Sheep Says Baa

April 2, 2007

We have been really enjoying this spring weather. Most days after we all get home we spend some time outside. Recently we pulled out some trucks that John Thomas got from his friends in Osgoode and have been playing with them on the deck.

John Thomas enjoys trying on our shoes. I think he picked this up at the sitter's, where we've seen the other boy who is 6 months older do the same thing. He's pretty good, and can usually take a few steps in our shoes before they fall off of his feet.

On Saturday we somehow ended up with two sippy cups on the go at lunch. They both contained diluted apple juice. He still had a hard time deciding on his favorite.

Last weekend John Thomas started saying "Moo". All weekend, all we had to do was mention a cow and he would Moo. This weekend, he started imitating the sheep in his Sandra Boyton books. It was "Baa, baa, baa" all weekend. Any guesses for next weekend?