John Thomas' Fifty-third Week

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The day before his birthday he managed to really test out his pliability. He fell down the carpeted stairs, he pulled down the baby gate onto himself and took a few other tumbles. Luckily nothing was too major and I don't believe any visible marks were made to be seen on his 1st birthday pictures.

He had a great birthday! Lots of good eats and he doubled his toy collection! He didn't really know what to make of the cake, and only had a little taste of it. Since his birthday we've had to declare the living room a toy room as the family room was getting too full with all his loot. He had a lot of fun with his balloons. They all kept their air for over a week. The mylar balloon is still floating on the ceiling!

When Nanna Fran got to the party she noticed right away that John Thomas's third tooth (right-side top) had popped through! The one next to it looks like it is going to come through any day now, but hasn't yet. For those keeping score, he got his first tooth (on the bottom) at 9 months, and got his second one at 9 months and three days.

His word of the week is UH-OH. He seems to say it in context too. Sometimes he'll say it just before he drops something from his highchair. He's really running around now. And according to his babysitter, he can handle a mini hockey stick and tennis ball pretty good!

Now that he has passed the one-year milestone, we will no longer be sticking to the once a week updates here. We may update every couple of days, once a week, but at the very least, once a month. So keep coming back to check up on him from time to time.

(52 weeks old)

Breakfast time birthday morning (52 weeks, 1 day old OR 1 year old)

His first encounter with a floating balloon (1 year old)

John Thomas and Avery having lunch (1 year old)

Playing piano with Aunt Madelaine (1 year old)

Opening presents (1 year old)

(1 year old)

Whoa! Little People! (1 year old)

Little Person and a ladder (1 year old)

John Thomas riding Thomas the train (1 year old)

Surveying his birthday loot (1 year old)

Carrot cake for the birthday boy (1 year old)

What do I do now Mom? (1 year old)

Running around with cucumber in his fist (1 year old)

Party attendees (1 year old)

Toys! Toys! Toys! (1 year, 4 days old)

Toy time! (1 year, 4 days old)

Still having fun with his balloon (1 year, 4 days old)

Attempting to eat the phone (1 year, 5 days old)

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