John Thomas' Fortieth Week


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On Saturday (when he became 9 months old) Mom felt his first tooth. On Wednesday, we thought we saw a second tooth, but he wouldn't let us get a good look. On Thursday he gave Mommy a big toothy grin to reveal his first two teeth! And he has started using them already! He will tear off pieces of bread with his teeth. As for eating table food, he hasn't yet found a food that he can feed himself that he doesn't like. And that includes lemon wedges. He had lasagne two days in a row and gobbled it up. After his dinner on Friday we went to Pizza Hut and he insisted on sharing our meal. He had garlic bread, tomato and pizza crust.

John Thomas has started climbing stairs at home. If it's a set of 3 he's happy to go up them on his own, but for 6 or 7 stairs he usually prefers that Mom or Dad carry him up. He can crawl pretty fast now, and will sometimes chase us around the house.

Eating socks (39 weeks old)

Hey, I want those Cheerios Daddy! (39 weeks, 1 day old)

His first time wearing jeans (39 weeks, 2 days old)

This bench can't hold me back! (39 weeks, 3 days old)

Fun on the swing with Dad (39 weeks, 4 days old)

Wheee! (39 weeks, 4 days old)

Fun at the park with Daddy (39 weeks, 4 days old)

Yay! I can climb! (39 weeks, 4 days old)

Is he pondering the wonders of lasagne? (39 weeks, 5 days old)

Smiley standing in his crib (39 weeks, 6 days old)

Not so smiley in his crib (39 weeks, 6 days old)

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