John Thomas' Twenty-eighth Week

John Thomas got his own kiddie pool on Sunday. He's been in it twice with Daddy and had a great time. As far as moving onto crawling, we've managed to teach him to push up using his elbows, rather than just resting on them when he's on his belly. He will wiggle backwards while sitting up now, so we've got to keep our eyes on him.

He's been babbling for a while, saying ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, and similar sounds. But on Thursday he distinctively said Mama!

He's added green beans to the foods he eats. He gobbled them up right from the start! He also enjoys sharing a mango popsicle with his Dad. He's started to try to hold his bottle himself, but he's not usually successful for more than a minute or two, then he seems to get a little lazy with it.

Flipping up his wired bead toy (27 weeks old)

Holding his bottle after a feeding (27 weeks, 1 day old)

First dip into the pool (27 weeks, 2 days old)

Excited to be in the pool! (27 weeks, 3 days old)

Playing with his boats in the pool with Daddy (27 weeks, 3 days old)

Kisses from Daddy (27 weeks, 3 days old)

Holding himself up using his elbows (rather than resting on them) (27 weeks, 4 days old)

Happy to be in the tub (27 weeks, 5 days old)

Sitting up in his crib (27 weeks, 6 days old)

Trying to pull himself up with his musical aquarium (27 weeks, 6 days old)

Happy to be up on the table (27 weeks, 6 days old)

Sleepytime with Mom (27 weeks, 6 days old)

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