John Thomas' Twenty-sixth Week

John Thomas turned six months old this week. He is continuing to try new tastes and seems to enjoy them all! This week he had sweet potatoes and mangoes -- and gobbles them both up! He hadn't been eating very much food in a day, maybe the equivalent to a jar of baby food, but since Wednesday he's much closer to two jars a day!

John Thomas had an action-packed week. On Saturday he went with Mommy to a wedding in Renfrew. He was very well behaved, but cracked up the crowd with a sudden large burp during a lull half way through the ceremony. On Tuesday he was babysat by his Nanna Fran and Aunt Madelaine so Mom and Dad could go out for a movie on their wedding anniversary. On Thursday he had his last swimming lesson. His swimming report card says "Great swimming John Thomas! You're a real little fish! I love the way you kick and splash in the water -- you sure look like you're having fun! Keep swimming :)". Then Thursday night Mom and Dad went out for Nanna Fran's birthday so he was babysat by his Godfather Marc and Jocelyne.

Next week he'll be celebrating Aunt Madelaine's birthday and going for his six-month doctor visit. We'll see exactly how much this boy has grown in the last two months!

With AJ after the wedding (25 weeks old)

With Daddy (25 weeks, 1 day old)

Mmmmmm.... Sweet potatoes... (25 weeks, 3 days old)

Sitting up straight in his high chair (25 weeks, 3 days old)

Mom, Aunt Madelaine, John Thomas and Nanna Fran (25 weeks, 3 days old)

Is he trying to snap his fingers? (25 weeks, 6 days old or 6 months old)

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