John Thomas' Fifteenth Week

John Thomas went to the infant drop in at the Early Years centre on Tuesday and seemed interested in the other babies there. He's been chewing on his fingers occassionally for a couple of weeks, but now he seems to try to jam them into his mouth whenever he can.

He's getting better and better with time on his belly. We can see each week that he's raising his head and shoulders higher and moving closer to crawling, but we're sure it will still be some time yet. He rolled over on Saturday, but hasn't repeated the feat yet. He had rolled over before at 6 days old and 6 weeks old, but he was pissed off both of those times and it wasn't done on purpose.

On the playmat (14 weeks old)

Eating his fingers (14 weeks old)

Sleeping on Grandpa (14 weeks, 2 days)

Waking up in his car seat (14 weeks, 2 days)

Crazy Face (14 weeks, 2 days)

Funny Smile (14 weeks, 2 days)

Tongue Smile (14 weeks, 2 days)

Playing with his fingers (14 weeks, 2 days)

Pursed lips (14 weeks, 2 days)

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