John Thomas' Fourteenth Week

John Thomas turned a quarter of a year on Sunday! He was weighed on Monday and is now up to 13 pounds, 11 ounces. He only had one night where he didn't sleep through, but we figured out it was because he didn't have enough to eat during the day. Mom and Dad have made sure that he's getting his belly full each day since, and he is continuing to sleep through the night. He seems to wake up around 6:30 in the morning regardless of whether he goes to bed at 8 or 10 o'clock.

His great-grandmother babysat him Tuesday morning so Mom could go to the dentist. He must have really enjoyed it because he had an extra long nap on her lap. He went out for dinner with his grandmother and got a new hat and bib. He's outgrown a couple of his smaller sleepers that were marked "6 months", but still has room to grow in his outfits marked "6 months".

He's borrowed his friend Avery's Exersaucer and likes to play in it a little bit at a time now. He doesn't play with the toys too much, but seems to just enjoy standing up and bouncing around. He seems to only be able to spin counter-clockwise in it for now, but I'm sure he'll be all over in it in the next few weeks.

Examining the Exersaucer (13 weeks old)

In his Bumbo at Breakfast (13 weeks, 1 day or 3 months old)

Napping on Great-Grandma's lap (13 weeks, 3 days)

On the Changing Pad (13 weeks, 6 days)

Happy Face (13 weeks, 6 days)

Airplane ride on Mommy's legs (13 weeks, 6 days)

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