John Thomas' Twelfth Week

John Thomas is now officially sleeping through the night!!! He even kept it up while he was away from home in Vermont! He sleeps anywhere from 7 1/2 hours to 10 hours a night. He usually goes to bed between 8:30 and 10 o'clock.

His week was full. He didn't necessarily enjoy the Pink Party on Saturday night (too close to bedtime), but did enjoy visiting with Andrea, Drew, Callum, Katie and Megan. He was a good boy on the drive back home, and barely fussed. He had a visit from Joellyn on Monday, and enjoyed it so much he fell asleep on her! The next day he had a visit from Pop, who brought him a Bumbo seat to use, and then went out for his Grandma's birthday dinner. He had a visit from his Grandpa the day after, and on Friday had a visit from Nanna Fran and Aunt Madelaine. His sleeping through the night means that he has thrown his old daytime schedule out the window, so Mom is working hard to figure out his new daytime routine.

With his American girlfriends Katie and Megan (11 weeks old)

In Vermont with Callum and Dad (11 weeks old)

All the kids (11 weeks old)

In Vermont with his Godmother and Katie (11 weeks, 1 day)

Napping on Joellyn (11 weeks, 2 days)

Napping on Mommy (11 weeks, 2 days)

Hanging out with Pop (11 weeks, 3 days)

Trying out his new Bumbo (11 weeks, 3 days)

Goofy Grin (11 weeks, 4 days)

Daddy is so excited! (11 weeks, 4 days)

Trying out the Bumbo all over the place (11 weeks, 6 days)

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