John Thomas' Tenth Week

John Thomas had his two month visit with the doctor. He is almost 12lbs now and 24 inches long. He had his vaccinations, the first needle wasn't so bad, but the second one really upset him. He had one night of 8 hours of sleep this week (it wasn't the night of his doctor visit), but he isn't keeping it up regularly yet -- he's still waking up for a feeding in the middle of the night most nights.

Visit from Aunt Karen (9 weeks old)

Having a nap with Dad (9 weeks, 1 day).

Hi Grandpa! (9 weeks, 3 days)

I'll look at the camera, but I'm not going to smile everytime Mom! (9 weeks, 5 days)

In the afternoon shadows (9 weeks, 5 days)

Hi Mom (9 weeks, 5 days)

What is happening over there? (9 weeks, 5 days)

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